24 Photos Up For A Prize At Sony’s Annual Photography Awards… And They Are Powerful.

#11. “Une Crise Humanitaire2″

Oumarou, 19, seats on a bed at Gore hospital where her 2 year-old son, Mama Sale, is being treated for acute malnutrition. They arrived in Chad four months ago after two weeks walking in the bush to escape violence in the Central African Republic.

“Une Crise Humanitaire2″

Corentin Fohlen

#12. “Blue Fields”

These images were shot from a light aircraft flying at between 4,000 & 5,000ft. The height was crucial in order to flatten perspective by using long focal lengths. Time of day and cloud cover were also critical, the abstract effect being heightened by complete lack of signifying shadow.

“Blue Fields”

Simon Butterworth

#13. “Swedish Dads”

No other country provides such generous terms of parental leave as Sweden. The current system allows parents to stay at home with their child during 480 days in total – while receiving an allowance from the State. Out of these 480 days, sixty must be taken by the father.

“Swedish Dads”

Johan Bavman

#14. “The Secondary Trainer”

A long-time canine member of the gym, Rocky provides comfort and acceptance to the performer.

“The Secondary Trainer”

Anthony Kham

#15. “Acid Survivors in India”

A portrait series showing the effect of the acid attacks in India. The first picture is a reproduction of her pictures before the attack and the other one is a portrait that I took.

“Acid Survivors in India”

Jordi Pizarro

#16. “Exuberance”

A little boy, overjoyed.


Christine Kapuschinsky Johnson

#17. “Animal Behaviour”

“In the series I have constructed still live images using cats. Animals have their own will and they will not pose at the behest of the photographer.”~Kimmo Metsaranta

“Animal Behaviour”

Kimmo Metsaranta

#18. “Shadow City”

Skater in Rio de Janeiro

“Shadow City”

Ronaldo Land

#19. “A Life Apart: The Toll Of Obesity”

For years, Hector Garcia Jr. battled severe obesity and all its consequences: the pain, the ridicule and the lost hopes. After years of repeatedly gaining and losing hundreds of pounds, Garcia, who at one point weighed 636 pounds, once again was stuck in the back bedroom of his parents’ modest house, in San Antonio, Texas. His weight put him in a category known as severely obese, which makes up about 6.3 percent of the U.S. population.

“A Life Apart: The Toll Of Obesity”

Lisa Kranttz

#20. “Miracle Mile”

“Miracle Mile is my first photograph taken after relocating to Los Angeles from New York.” ~Gina Nero

“Miracle Mile”

Gina Nero