30 Hilarious Help Wanted Ads… #23 Is So Funny I Cried From Laughing.

In this economy, a lot of businesses are putting up ‘Help Wanted’ signs to attract some talented individuals to join their staff. In most cases, the signs are fairly generic and include a short blurb about necessary skills or background the ideal candidate is to possess.

Imagine coming across the 30 ‘Help Wanted’ signs you are about to see below. Some are put together with masterful wit while others beg the question, “what were they thinking?” Some signs fail to capture the mastery of the English language while others make you wonder what state of mind the person who put the ad up was in at the time. The one thing all 30 ads have in common is the level of hilarity they share.

There is one ad here that is my absolute favourite: I just wonder where I will find medieval armour to help me slay a pesky dragon. As you read through the wanted signs, try to picture yourself taking the job.

#1. Not tipping the truck is essential.

Not tipping the truck is essential.

#2. Pizza cook, SYM.

Pizza cook, SYM.

#3. Dragon slayers wanted.

Dragon slayers wanted.


#4. Dream job?

Dream job?


#5. How do you get experience?

How do you get experience?